Report on blockchain technology & legitimacy

Report on blockchain technology & legitimacy Dr. Primavera De Filippi, Dr. Morshed Mannan, Jack Henderson, Tara Merk, Sofia Cossar, Kelsie Nabben This report synthesizes the insights explored within the ERC BlockchainGov reading group on “Legitimacy in Blockchain,” taking place bi-weekly from July 2021 until June 2022. The report investigates the role of legitimacy in blockchain systems from descriptive, conceptual, and

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Blockchain Technology, Trust & Confidence

Blockchain Technology, Trust & Confidence Reinterpreting Trust in a Trustless system? ABSTRACT This report provides an in-depth analysis of the theoretical foundations of the concepts of trust andconfidence and their correlation to the notions of risk, agency and legitimacy. These theoreticalunderpinnings are thereafter applied to permissionless blockchains, in order to identify how thefoundational nature of the technology lends itself to

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New Academic Papers Alert!

Our team is involved in a variety of research projects, focus groups and initiatives that aim to explore challenges of the blockchain technology.

Here are some of the recently published selected papers authored by our members, advisors and affiliates:

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