Announcing ERC Grant for Regenerative ICOs

We are working on a new project called Regenerative ICOs that will enable organisations to run Initial Coin Offerings with capped investor profit models. This work is funded by the European Research Council’s €150,000 “Proof of Concept” grant, which is intended to help “bridge the gap between the results of pioneering research and the early phases of its commercialisation.”

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1st Meeting of ERC BlockchainGov Project

Over the weekend of December 4-5, BlockchainGov held its first in-person meeting in Paris at CERSA (with only a few needing to attend virtually). It’s no surprise but the time together was highly productive and generative, setting the tone and charting the course for our work in 2022.

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Introduction to Extitutional Theory

Extitutional theory is an emerging field of scholarship that provides a set of conceptual tools to describe and analyse the underlying social dynamics of a variety of social arrangements, such as communities, companies, organisations, or any other types of institutions.

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