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RMIT Melbourne

Web3 is a "decentralized online ecosystem based on blockchain” (Gavin Wood, 2014). Web3 governance broadly describes the rules and processes that are used for decision-making over platforms and applications that are ‘permissionless’ - meaning anyone with the required resources and capital can take part. Governance occurs through the software and infrastructure choices of node operators who […]

A working session and discussion on the challenges of DAO governance

CERSA 10 rue Thenard, Paris

Blockchaingov meet up with the Kleros team  Chaired by Primavera De Filippi the meeting included our PhD students Tara Merk, Sofía Cossar, Jamilya Kamalova and our colleague Sabine Van Haecke-Lepic Ph.D who together with the Kleros team had a chance to discuss important challenges and issues in the blockchain space. Thank you, Federico Ast and Clément Lesaege and all other participants for the lively discussion!