BlockchainGov Public Workshop

CERSA 10 rue Thenard, Paris, France

The BlockchainGov Public Workshop was divided into four sessions, each focusing on a specific aspect of blockchain technology. Session 1 was dedicated to the case of Tornado Cash. After the arrest of Alexey Pertsev, the creator of Tornado cash, several points: From a legal point of view: who is the operator? Is it possible to […]

Blockchain Technology & Polycentric Governance reading group


The "Blockchain Technology & Polycentric Governance" reading group investigates the polycentric governance of blockchain systems from descriptive, conceptual, and normative perspectives. The reading group aims to test several preliminary hypotheses related to the governance of blockchain-based systems, including the benefits and challenges of polycentricity, the characteristics of good governance, and the factors that contribute to […]

Blockchain Constitutionalism: the Role of Legitimacy in Polycentric Systems

Florence Florence, Italy

Blockchain networks and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have seen a surge in adoption in recent years. However, to fulfill their promise of widespread structural innovation and change meaningfully, they require governance that maintains legitimacy for internal and external stakeholders. In this conference, we will discuss the requirements for this type of governance from both a […]