Glossary of Distributed Technologies

A special section of Internet Policy Review, the "Glossary of decentralised technosocial systems" is an interdisciplinary glossary on peer-to-peer, user-centric and privacy-enhancing decentralised technologies. In order to tackle the existing gap in shared semantics, this glossary converges the efforts of experts from various disciplines to build a shared vocabulary on the social, technical, economic, political aspects of decentralised, distributed or sovereign technologies.

Bodo, B.,  De Filippi, P., Scheuermann, B., Hassan, S., Fischer, A., Palmirani, M. (eds.) (2021) Glossary of Distributed Technologies. Internet Policy Review

The glossary is a project of the Blockchain and Society Policy Research Lab at University of Amsterdam, in collaboration with the P2P Models project at Complutense University, the Weizenbaum Institute in Berlin, and the The Future of Distributed Governance project at CNRS. It is supported financially thanks to European Research Council grants.

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