Legitimacy in the Metaverse: The Case of Decentraland

Stakeholders of blockchain protocols and blockchain communities may be interested in the legitimacy of how a protocol operates or how a community is governed as it is a key determinant of whether they continue to stay on a protocol or in a community--or exit instead. Decentraland is one such community as there is an opportunity for community members to ‘fork’ the platform and thereby exit an existing system they dislike, while potentially, they can also remain within the original project and raise their ‘voice’ on issues such as plutocratic behavior and spam proposals.

De Filippi, P., Mannan, M., Promoter and organizer of two Focus Groups on “Legitimacy in the Metaverse: The Case of Decentraland” as part of the ERC Blockchain Gov project. 10 September & 7 October 2021 (online).

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