Reijers, W. “Teaching and Training in Data Ethics” presented at Teaching Data Science for Non-Data Scientists and Data Ethics for Non-Ethicists at the Hertie School, Berlin. 19-20 August 2021

This workshop, which is sponsored by APSIA, the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs, brings together academic instructors from data science and philosophy to address neglected issues on both sides of the data science curriculum. The workshop facilitates a knowledge exchange and aims to thereby improve teaching strategies, develop teaching materials and reflect on the topical priorities. All participants in the workshop teach their subject to outsiders of their field. But all are united in the belief that to train the next generation of data science practitioners and researchers, we need to develop ways of teaching data science and data ethics that integrate “the other side of the picture”. Over two afternoons, we will discuss how to teach applied ethics for non-ethicists and data science for non-data-scientists. We will focus on key materials and topics for both areas, scenarios, and case studies.