Blockchain Technology & Decentralized Dispute Resolution


The rise of blockchain technology has disrupted traditional models of governance, raising questions about legitimacy and trust. To better understand the practical and empirical conceptions of justice and dispute resolution within blockchain communities, a task force will be organized by interdisciplinary researchers. The organizers are part of several initiatives, including the Future Fellowship project on […]

Own this! Prensentation

Florence Florence, Italy

Trebor Scholz's upcoming presentation on his new book "Own This!" is not to be missed. In his talk, Scholz will examine the world in the midst of a changing landscape brought on by the climate crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the pervasive power of big tech companies. In addition, the presentation will delve into the […]

Blockchain Technology & Polycentric Governance reading group


The "Blockchain Technology & Polycentric Governance" reading group investigates the polycentric governance of blockchain systems from descriptive, conceptual, and normative perspectives. The reading group aims to test several preliminary hypotheses related to the governance of blockchain-based systems, including the benefits and challenges of polycentricity, the characteristics of good governance, and the factors that contribute to […]

Digital Ethnography & Blockchain Reading Group


The RMIT University Blockchain Innovation Hub / Digital Ethnography Research Centre, Metagov, and BlockchainGov are hosting a reading group on digital ethnography and blockchain. The group aims to bring together researchers interested in ethnographic research in the blockchain industry. The first session will be held on September 26th. The reading will lay the foundation for […]

10th Meeting of European Research Council BlockchainGov Project


10th Meeting of European Research Council BlockchainGov Project Genereal Catch-up call Polycentricity report Constitutions literature review Communication update Blockchain & Constitutions KLEROS Internal Discussion on Blockchain & Constitutions PhD developments September papers Extitutional Theory: Preliminary document mapping extitutional theory 2023 Deliverables: DAOs and the World of Work Readings and Discussion Points:  Goal: Creative brainstorming among […]