Proof of Humanity (POH) Community Call

After gathering your feedback on the PoH DAO Ethnography Research Findings, we wanted to organize a community call hosted by Sofia, Tara, and Jamilya. They will share information on the highlights of their research, listen to your feedback, and answer your questions. You can find the replay of this focus group here! 

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BlockchainGov Observations on PoH DAO Governance

Jamilya Kamalova, Sofia Cossar, Tara Merk. In early 2021, the first Sybil-resistant registry of humans was launched. The Proof of Humanity (PoH) registry and the PoH DAO is the first decentralized autonomous organization democratically governed running on the Ethereum network. To help us conduct this research, we relied on academic articles from a lot of different disciplines, such as political

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Metagovernance Seminar | Ethnographic Study of Proof of Humanity DAO Community Fork and Governance

We are proud to announce the participation of Sofía Cossar, Tara Merk, and Jamilya Kamalova in the Metagovernance Seminar. They will present their findings from a six-month ethnographic study of the Proof of Humanity DAO, one of the first large-scale DAOs to undertake a technical and community fork. The research delves into the off-chain and on-chain governance dynamics that led

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