Open Problems in DAO Science

The DAOist Global Governance Gathering, which took place on April 18-19, 2022, hosted a workshop on DAOs. The workshop aimed to bring together researchers and operators from various disciplines to collectively develop a working definition of DAO science and an interdisciplinary research program. The workshop covered topics such as governance, law, political economy, and data standards. Several questions have been

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Web3 Workshop/Open Questions in DAO Science Workshop

The Researching Web3 Workshop was a two-day online event focused on exploring Web3, a field built upon blockchain technologies. Scholars from academia came together to generate new research questions, learn about new and emerging technologies, and coordinate communities of practice. The workshop included short summaries and reviews of foundational topics, on-stage interviews with practitioners, opportunities for socializing and research networking,

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Stanford DAO Workshop

The Stanford DAO Workshop, hosted by the DAO Research Hub and the Stanford Center for Blockchain Research, aimed to accelerate research on DAOs by bringing together leading DAO operators and researchers from various fields. The interdisciplinary approach aimed to identify and prioritize the key open problems faced by DAOs to make them impactful and sustainable. Participants presented open issues from

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