The Ethics of Social Credit Systems

Topics discussed in this episode include:
The Origins of the Chinese Social Credit System,
Historical Parallels to the System,
Social Credit Systems in Western Cultures,
Is China exceptional when it comes to the use of these systems?,
The impact of social credit systems on human values such as freedom and authenticity,
How the social credit system is reshaping citizenship &
The possible futures of social credit systems

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Teaching and Training in Data Ethics

Reijers, W. “Teaching and Training in Data Ethics” presented at Teaching Data Science for Non-Data Scientists and Data Ethics for Non-Ethicists at the Hertie School, Berlin. 19-20 August 2021

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Social Credit System: China and the West

Reijers, W., European Parliament’s expert consultation on ”Social Credit System: China and the West”, organised by the AIDA Committee rapporteur Mr Axel Voss. 30 April 2021.

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